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MY 1997 Jacked up z!!! HELP ME!!!

This is a discussion on MY 1997 Jacked up z!!! HELP ME!!! within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ok, I have a 97 lt1 camaro. I was driving it the other day, the hose blew off the bottom ...

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    MY 1997 Jacked up z!!! HELP ME!!!

    ok, I have a 97 lt1 camaro. I was driving it the other day, the hose blew off the bottom of the radiator, and it got hot. (260 or over). Not sure how hot it got, but this is when it "all" began. I let it cool, put antifreeze back in it, and it that was that. Now, the car running down the interstate is running about 175-190, and in traffic it goes up to 210(maybe a little more). and to my surpirise, the whole front of the motor is covered in oil. It is on the front side, all over the k member, but it didnt have the leak before. Could it be the crank cover leaking? If it is is that a pain? Also, the heating up issue, i put half half antifreeze in it, and it still is getting hot. Its weird though, if its idling, it seems to stay cool(170 or under), but driving it is when it heats up. I do know that when i can hear what sounds like crackling sounds in the radiatior, which is probably just from heating up, right? I am trying to sell this car, and it has been a nightmare ever since. Any ideas guys? My number is 903-217-5884. Feel free to call me. I need some help!!!!! Thanks

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    The oil is probably the front cover. Might be just the front crank seal though. Clean it good and then see where it is coming from. The crackling you here is the coolant boiling probably. Could be many things, bad radiator cap, thermostat, clogged radiator. Do you still have the air dam under the radiator on? If it is missing or badly broken that will make it run hot while driving.

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