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More f'in problems.... wierd start

This is a discussion on More f'in problems.... wierd start within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; so everytime i get somethin fixed and get ready sell, something else fuckin happens. i start up fine this morning ...

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    More f'in problems.... wierd start

    so everytime i get somethin fixed and get ready sell, something else fuckin happens.

    i start up fine this morning and get to work. leave work in the afternoon, go to start the car, it doesnt kick over, theres a few very loud banging noises and i see white smoke from the hood. i pull the key, pop the hood and smoke is comming out of the airbox. i wait a bit, and try again, thing starts right up like nothing every happened. got home, turned it off, and back on... let it sit, repeated... its fine everytime since then. im gunna let it sit and get really cold tonight and try it up see if it happens again... but if its cold related it should hae happened this morning BEFORE work not after, like 15 degree increase...*shrugs*

    wtf happened!?! and should i expect it again?
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    has this happened since the 12th?

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    That sounds like a back fire. might need to have the injectors checked to see if one of them is leaking into a cylinder. The fuel can pool and cause a back fire or what some call a slow start. slow start is a stumbling start that is like the carbed days when you could flood them and it would spit and sputter then clean it's self out to a normal idel with no human input.

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    Well I just let it run, I don't have the money nor spare car... have a motorcycle I could take but its been snow/ice and nasty weather most days. I noticed that I also lost a rediculous amount of miliage on the tank, I had 160 miles on when the gas guage read about 1 gallon left...and the exhuast smells horrible. Reasearching around, the forums and asking people hopefully narrowed it down to a rocker adjustment problem. The passenger bank is making an awefull amount of noise, and it fell out of adjustment about half a year ago... but I guess I just let it go for too long this time and the symptoms just got worse or where more apparent because of the cold weather.

    i starts up fine as long as I let the key sit for about 10 seconds before trying to crank it and pumping the gas pedal before I try it. Hasnt made that noise since I started doing that, but if i try a cold start it still does it. but the guess is that the starter just doesnt have enough umph if one of the rockers isnt opening/closing one of the valves or whatever.

    dropped it off this morning, got some money for my birthday so i'll keep ya posted see what it ends up being... its alot of symptoms all at once, im also losing oil, but the noise is rather loud and easy to narrow down that its comming from above the passenger side. i know the header bolts walk out so that might be contributing too.

    what a pain in the f'n ass...everytime it get fixed something else happens. first a tree fell on it, then it was flooded in a parking lot... i drove home in 4 inchs of snow and ice last night on the corvette rims and old rubber without a hitch, isnt THAT when something bad should happen?? haha.

    cant wait to win the lotto next.

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    Get full coverage and have a mysterious electrical fire. Problems solved.

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    I wish haha... its already been totalled once in a flood in a parkinglot at work, that was sketchy enough for them don't think I could get away with it haha...but hopefully this will be the last time i needs to be fixed, fuckin EVERYTHINGS been replaced other then the damn rotating assembly and tranny at this point... I can't imagine what else could possibly go wrong that hasnt already been replaced haha. but everytime i get ready to suck it up and get rid of my baby, fate decides to throw a curveball... it bounces off of my car, hits me in the ass and lands in my checking account everytime.

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    rocker was fine, the starter motor was oil soaked and damaged from the water flooding, the gear wants comming out all the way and was hitting the flywheel out of sync and just spinning inside its housing not catching all the way. Hence the odd noises but ability to still start on occassion.

    The ticking noise which was thought to be a rocker is most probably an exhuast leak from the passenger headers, the rear is very hot blowing air out and the header bolts walked out a good deal.

    only thing left is why the gas miliage is so shitty, but they discovered the long term fuel trim is shit and its running rediculosuly rich... which they are working on now to see if it changes from the heads leaking so badly. just trying to get the data from pcmforless to see what the advance and spark should be set at with all the mods etc.

    i know both of my cats are shot, so thats probably a major contributor, but until i get my hiflow ypipe kit welded in i wont know for sure i guess!

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    An exhaust leak will can show an artificial lean condition causing the engine to go rich.

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    omg i think i love my car again. actually, i think i love it more now then when i got it! got the starter fixed, had the exhuast manifold leak fixed, finally got my hiflow randomtech ypipe installed, and they found some rubber boot that connected something (forgot what it was called) that was completly shot, rerouted whatever that was, and BAM. whole new fucking car, no noises, rattles, sputters, hesitations, throttle sticking open... and it sounds much more badass with the hiflows! throttle response is smooooooth and lightning quick, def feels seat of the pants like 25-30hp bump from before, and like 50 since all the other shit was fixed!

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    Enjoy it because in another week I predict something else will go wrong.

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    haha damn you and your negativity! This time it will last!! Or else!!!!

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