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LT4 spark plugs

This is a discussion on LT4 spark plugs within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hello everyone. I am new here but I have a question for you. My ignition system in my 1996 Corvette ...

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    LT4 spark plugs

    Hello everyone. I am new here but I have a question for you. My ignition system in my 1996 Corvette LT4 desperately needs to be replaced. It is stumbling pretty bad. I am going to replace the water pump, opti, wires and plugs all at the same time. My question is what plugs to get?

    I know that the stock plugs are ACDelco Platinum 41-943 and have a bad reputation of the puck falling off so I would rather stay away from those. I know a lot of people with LT1s really like the NGK TR55s and they have a good reputation but they are only a copper plug and says the LT4 needs a NGK TR5 anyway. Im assuming because it has higher compression? The LT1 had 10.5:1 vs the LT4 having 10.8:1 And this is still only a copper plug. I have heard it is best to replace a plug with the same material it had originally.

    Looks like AC-Delco part#14 is a platinum Rapidfire plug that is equivalent to the stock 41-943. Do these have the same problem with the puck falling off?

    As far as NGK goes, the platinum version they have available is a 3186 {#TR5GP} G-Power
    This is what they recommend for the 5 engine code or LT4
    I noticed that Delco does not suggest different model plugs for an LT1 vs an LT4
    Does this make a big difference? I need to make a decision pretty soon so please reply with any advice. I have read through a hundred old threads on other message boards and forums but most of the info is several years old and only has to do with LT1s and not the higher compression LT4s.

    BTW i have most available blot-ons including CAI, long tube headers, no cats, x pipe, catback, 52mm TB and TB bypass and plan on doing an electric waterpump and taylor full metal jacket wires.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just go with the Iridium plug. NGK makes one for the 1996 corvette and the LT4 specifically. TR5IX

    That plug will suit your needs just fine, and last longer than any other option. Not cheap though, about 8$ each.

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