Does anyone have any idea why all four of my headlights stopped working all at once? This just occured last night and I have not had time to do much troubleshooting. My first thought was to look for a blown fuse or relay. Now this is going to sound wierd but I can't find any fuses for my headlights. Under the hood, on the driver side is my black fuse box. Inside the lid of this box there is a diagram showing the fuse locations with brief explanation. My diagram shows two slots for headlight fuses but they are actually blank inside the fuse block (meaning there is not any metal connections there for a fuse to be connected.) I checked my owners manual and it points to the same location. Additionally, my Haynes manual shows the same. So, I'm still thinking this must be a fuse issue although there was mention in my owners manual that my system may have a circuit breaker installed to protect from electrical overload. I also read somewhere this may have to be manually reset if thrown. I checked my vehicles headlight wiring schematics and I did indeed see a circuit breaker within the system but unfortunately there was not any explanation as to it's exact location nor any mention as to whether or not it was a manual or automatic throw type.

I drove my car to work today and briefly checked the switch when I got to work. I'm pretty sure the switch is working fine first because I hardly ever use it since my headlights automatically come on via sensors in the dash and secondly because when I turned the headlight switch on and turned off the car and removed the keys from the ignition switch, I received the notification beep that my lights were on which to me means the system recognized my switch being used. I did walk to the front of the vehicle to check to see if the lights were somehow miraculously working now but, still, they were not. Oh, one other thing to note, my fog lights are designed to turn off when the high beams are activated but when I now attempt to switch from low to high, the fog lights are unaffected by this action and remain on.

I plan to do actual voltage testing when I get home and see if I'm even receiving current to each headlight location but any assistance or tips in this matter beforehand would be greatly appreciated!