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LT1 is kicking my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on LT1 is kicking my ass!!!!!!!!!!! within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ac delco or delphi opti, or go home. all others are a crap shoot...some work good for a while and ...

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    ac delco or delphi opti, or go home. all others are a crap shoot...some work good for a while and others are pure excrement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kensz28 View Post
    Yea mine cranks good too. Only issue now is the low coolant light is on and I have the tank filled full. I bled it 3 times and have no heat either. I have had issues with the blend door actuator in the past. NOT EASY TO GET TO. I think it may be on the fuzz again, good thing is temps are in the 50-60 range next week. Still doesn't explain the coolant light though. Any ideas????
    There is a flow restrictor on the heater core line and it reducess the volume of coolant that will travel through the heater core. Due to the great invention of dexcool, now you end up with clogs. The flow restrictor, crossover pipe on the back of the heads, and the heater core clog up all the time. I took my heater core out and flushed it. tons of crap came out. I also flushed the line with the flow restrictor and crap came out as well. When I did my engine build the crossover pipe was clogged up as well. after the heater core and restrictor flush the heat worked again, and after the crossover pipe was cleaned out the thing was a breaze to bleed the cooling system.

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