Do to slight concerns of my motor passing smog from some inquries I have decided to "part" the ENTIRE motor. So as of right now I'm taking inquiries on any of the above parts in my stroker engine all the way down to the block which is pre notched for a stroker. I have listed below the list of parts along with prices. Every price will include shipping. Because of my current profession I will not be able to provide pictures until Sunday so please send me an email to request pictures. I do accept good faith deposits and those can be sent to my paypal account at mjtcst2004@yahoo.com

-.040 Speedpro Dome Pistons(385cu) $250 shipped
-Stage II 6inch Summit Connecting Rods $280 shipped
-3.75 Cast Eagle Crank 1pc Rear Main (mains .010 rod .030) $110 shipped
-224/236 Xtreme Energy Cam 114Lsa "blower nitrous applications" $135 shipped
-Mildly ported LT1 Heads w/ 612 Valve springs & 3/8's studs $375 shipped
-LT1 Block .040 over (notched for rod clearance)
-Block work done by Waynes Automotive in Riverside, Ca. include:
Line hone bore, new cam bearings, and decked $300 shipped
-Pro Form 1.6 Magnum Roller Rockers (Not sure the part number I believe they are #1318-16 or 12 I have to use GUIDE plates) $165 shipped
-Stock Lifters $55 shipped
-Canton 6qt Oil Pan (Part # 15-244T) $165 shipped
-LT1 Intake Manifold (no fuel rails or injectors) $75
-Tall Aluminum Valve Covers (passenger side has been fabricated to fit alt. I had to grind my alt slightly in the back but not much) $55 shipped
-Jet Hot Long Tubed Headers w/ Y pipe (headers have welding over EGR holes, O2 sensor ports are still open. These headers have need to be reconditioned but still work good.) $350 shipped w/y pipe
-Stock 48mm TB $35 shipped
-Stock Drivshaft $75
-Exhaust crossmember w/driveshaft loop welded in $20 shipped