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Ignition, coil and such

This is a discussion on Ignition, coil and such within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I'm planning a good engine bay "refresher tune up" with all new spark plugs, wires, looms etx... and I already ...

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    Ignition, coil and such

    I'm planning a good engine bay "refresher tune up" with all new spark plugs, wires, looms etx... and I already have the wires and plugs, but i was wondering if it would be worth it now to upgrade the ignition and coil? i know little about these systems in terms of what to look for and what to expect. right now i will only have bolt ons but i'd like to add a 6-8psi blower in the not to distant future.... not to mention everything in the car right now ion terms of age is unknown... i've had the ccar for alittle over 2 years now and the previous owner had no records, so for all i know they could all be original. everything is working 100% now as it is, which makes me hesitate to install all new stuff... but its bothering me more the fact that i dont know how old they are i bought NGK iridiums because the general consensus i've seen is that they are the premium of the premiums... and i think i bought taylor wires (8 or 8.5mm) i'd have to check... i also bought valve cover loom setup because personally i think it looks awesome... the red wires all lined up professional like i see that there are quite a few different digital ignitions out there and a bunch of coils and booster type things... they all range in price pretty dramatically so i'm not sure which ones right for what. whats the top of the line hands down? whats the most recommended? or are they all for very different purposes?

    I see the Accel 300+ and MSD blaster systems are around $300 bucks but are lsited on almost all the major LT1 shops online, so I was pimarily looking at these. i do see they have alot of options and special features but i dont want something i have to continually watch over... i want plug and play compadibilty and something that will garuntee that the cylinders fire and never ever ever ever detonate
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    No one here's upgraded thier electrical on this board??

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    I wouldnt worry about it at this point. Until the blower is on the car I wouldnt bother. And no ignition system is going gaurantee no detonation (which has little to do with the ignition system in and of itself)

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