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Help With LT1 Oil Type & Leaks

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    Help With LT1 Oil Type & Leaks

    Have a 1995 TA, LT1 6 Speed and experiencing multiple oil leaks. Major one was on RH valve cover which the Mr. Good Wrench just repaired. Small leaks around oil level sensor and oil pan. Im owner # 3, had the TA four years, 22K miles with oil change in spring an fall.. Have used Mobile One synthetic since purchased from second owner; who told me he used.

    My question to the experts is this, could the additional additives in Mobil One synthetic being attaching the gaskets?

    Would it be better to switch to a blend of regular and synthetic? Or, go back to a name brand of regular?

    Which brand of a blend or regular would work best in the LT1? Must driving is city with short run on expressway. Most of the time driving around 1500 RPM with some burst up to 2500 3500 RPM..

    Thank you.

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    Synthetic can leak easier than regular oil, but I wouldnt recommend switching back to a dino oil after using synthetic for all this time. The oil level sensor would be an easy fix, and then at that point if it was just a small leak at the pan, I'd just live with it personally.

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