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header install

This is a discussion on header install within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ona 1995 chevy caprice lt1 im installing my headers and changing my plug wires right now. there are 2 hoses ...

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    header install

    ona 1995 chevy caprice lt1 im installing my headers and changing my plug wires right now. there are 2 hoses wich go to the top of teh factory exhuast manifold.i have to remove them and leave them disconnected due to the fact that the aftermarket headers does not have the ports for them. can i remove the metal hose and the whole pump unit and just disregard it? or do i have to block off the hoses and leave the whole unit there?
    1995 caprice

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    The air pump is what you're refering to. The entire system can be removed, you just have to go into the PCM and tell it that it's gone, so it wont throw a code. The EGR ports can also be blocked off, on the exhaust manifolds and the intake manifold.

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    i'd be a little leary about doing so unless you have a connection for inspections in NY. I believe that the air pump is considered part of the emissions system and theoretically shoudl be there when the car is inspected. Might want to check your local laws first. I know they do make headers which are 50 state legal which will have the connections for the air pump.

    If you are not worried about the emissions/ inspection aspect of it, then disregard the above.

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