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Guestimate 1/4 mile?

This is a discussion on Guestimate 1/4 mile? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I'd say your in the high 11's. At least ur in the Low 12's....

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    I'd say your in the high 11's. At least ur in the Low 12's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N20LT4 View Post
    11-flat is very quick for an LE1, however i've known two cars (one in which I witnessed) that wen't high 11's with the LE1 package. The car I witness was my tuners (Keith @ FFP) '97 Formula which went 11.8 and dyno'd right at 390-rwhp, all while passing California emissions. It was an A4 car. After seeing that I planned to do the LE1 kit myself, but decided to go another route.

    I didn't say they wouldn't dip into the 11's but 11 flat is still optimistic for the car in question here.

    Check out LT1 results. There are several stock-stroke cars rated at 450rwhp or more, including Alek's '97 SS M6, which made 480rwhp on a N/A 355 with A/C, power steering, and even subs out back. He has multiple videos driving the car around very smoothly; idle, manners, stop and go traffic and all. He's been running the car for a while very successfully. It's not common, but it can be done.

    I never said 450 rwhp wasn't doable with a stock stroke 350,,,,I just said it's not going to happen with a tame LE1 package that has a small cam of 224 at .050 duration,,,,the car in question here. It's not easy to do when limiting the ci requirement to only 350 cubes and staying naturally aspirated.

    450 rwhp came into play when it was said the car would go 11 flat,,,,and I mentioned it would take somewhere in the neighborhood of this much HP to do so,,,,of which the tame LE1 package won't make.

    But as we all know,,,,,dyno numbers don't mean much of anything and they can be fudged by any tuner to make a certain package look better than it really is.
    What matters in the end is what kind of number the car can run. And we all know the weight and D/A is a key factor in this number. Both of which most people don't pay attention to.

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