LLOYD IS THE MAN! AND IS IS A VERY NICE GUY!!! SO IF HE IS PUTTING THE 5.4L WITH THE SUPERCHARGER IS HE EXPECTING TO HIT THE 390/390 MARK? WHAT ELSE IS HE DOING TO THE CAR? Sorry for caps...Cause the 98 GT suspension is crap compared to the 03/04 cobra and will greatly affect his launching and so fourth. I mean you can turn a cobra from 390/390 to over 500hp with like $1500 to $2000 in mods. The novi charger is most likely more efficent than the stock cobra sc. It will have to be dyno tuned which really opens these 03/04 cobras up. If he makes no suspension changes he is going to have hell trying to launch the car and it will hop all over the place and won't track straight but he will prolly have 450hp at the fly at a minimum. And i agree with black on the last statement. It's a sleeper highly modded cobra.

I ran with a new c6 6sp auto last week even though i lost by a little on the highway I was still happy.