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Fuel System....

This is a discussion on Fuel System.... within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; 1995 Camaro LT1 383 with D1SC 14lbs I dont know what to go with! I was going to go with ...

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    Fuel System....

    1995 Camaro LT1 383 with D1SC 14lbs

    I dont know what to go with! I was going to go with the Aeromotive eliminator universal EFI kit and have a sump built onto my stock tank so I dont have to get a fuel cell. I not sure if it will work on my car though.

    I see Aeromotive sells a complete bolt on kit for the LT1 , but my buddy said I will loosing alot of fuel volume because it taps into the stock fuel line and return line and they are too small... Dont know what to do! Would like to see what some of you guys have had sucess with! I greatly appreciate your help!!!

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    The stock fuel lines have been proven adequate at ~700rwhp. Another option is dual in-tank walbros, runs about 600$ or so to have it built... and can be done with either stock lines, or braided lines.

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    go read this sticky, it gets into great detail about how much the stock lines and return can handle aling with how to wire and setup your own dual in-tank pumps ( if i can do it its easy, cause i am 1 lazy pos) cheaper than buying the kits they sell for it. i set mine up for the primary pump to run the motor then the second to come on and hold pressure up when the dry shot and wet shot hit. should work great for your boosted app. hey 5.0 sorry about that other thread, i just cant stand know it alls that dont know crap. if i could only meet half the tards in real life, i'd make the 14 years i've been in a gym become more usefull.

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