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Flywheel question

This is a discussion on Flywheel question within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Should I get an aluminum or steel SPEC flywheel (or just stock replacement?) i dont know if my car has ...

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    Flywheel question

    Should I get an aluminum or steel SPEC flywheel (or just stock replacement?) i dont know if my car has enough modifcations to justify an aluminum, i dont want it to run or drive like shit... and i'm also getting a carbon shaft and 4.10's so i think i;ll still need the weight of steel. anyone informed out there on the subject? i need to replace the stock one anyway, its in crappy shape...but i only have 3 options. go stock, or spec steel/alum

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    First... why on earth would you get a carbon fiber driveshaft? Anywhere on the internet that this question has been asked the answer given is always the same, and from guys that have obnoxiously powerful and fast cars: It isnt worth the price, just get a good steel shaft if you need strength. The only plausible reasons are that you're either getting one for free, or it is for the coolness factor (they're not that cool IMO, just a waste). I cant even begin to imagine how many better ways there are to spend money.

    Secondly, why do you think your factory flywheel is in crappy shape? You must have it out of the car and have loooked at it? What's wrong? Are the teeth damaged? Anyways, my guess is that the stocker can still be turned, and that's what I would do (that is what I did when I installed my SPEC clutch). I've heard of people having many issues with aftermarket flywheels, and I know the stocker works and works just fine.

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    I was just doing the driveshaft for the weight reduction, my current shaft is one of the recalls but its too outside the time frame which they would replace it for free... it tends to act funny on the highway and all the time for that matter at higher speeds... i was going to get it for $300 too which i know HAS to be dirt cheap for one... if its b/s upgrade though i'll pass, i figured it was worth a few pounds of torque free'd up.

    as for the flywheel, its stock from 1996 and since its gone trhough 2 clutches in 3 years now (1ce when i bought it it was shot) and now currently its shot... and i've been driving it with the clutch acting like shit for a few weeks now, i'm sure that cant be good for the flywheel! i wanted to go lighter weight anyway to free up some drain, but i wasnt sure if the steel replacement was lighter, or if the aluminum was too light.

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    $300 for a carbon fiber driveshaft is dirt cheap! They cost about $700 last I saw. If you can get it for $300 then I saw go for it cause a HD aluminum one is gonna cost you about $350-$400 anyways. In CHP magazine a few months back they tested the differences between steel & aluminum flywheels. Well it came out that the aluminum one overall did lower et and raise mph more than the steel unit. It changes the power band and they had to adjust their shift points for the aluminum but once they got it down it improved over the steel.

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