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First Time Break Pads

This is a discussion on First Time Break Pads within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So i bought a set of break pads from summit a week ago and ive been contemplating doing it myself. ...

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    First Time Break Pads

    So i bought a set of break pads from summit a week ago and ive been contemplating doing it myself. I was wondering if any one could give me some pointers on how to do it and stuff i should look out for as well as what tools i would need to do it, I know i need something to jack either side of the car up but what past that?

    BTW treat me like a retard ill be thankful for it later.

    BTW im doing the front breaks on the car not the rears. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Jack both sides of the car up and support with jack stands. Take off your wheels (break lugs barely loose before jacking the car up). Remove the two large bolts holding the caliper on (allen heads if i remember correctly, been awhile since I had stock LT1 brakes ). Pull the caliper off, but dont let it hang by the brake line, support it somehow. The pads will come right out, it will be obvious how and which way the new ones go in. At this point the disc will pull right off as well. Replace it or have it turned if it is grooved up badly or is warped or significantly worn down. Put the disc back on, lubricate the caliper sliders and bolts with the appropriate grease (not bearing grease) and reinstall the caliper with the new pads. If you are concerned about brake noise you can put a pad backing compound on the back side (NOT the side facing the disc) of the new pads before installing them in the caliper. I dont recall the torque spec for the caliper bolts, but you can look it up online or Chiltons manual etc. Reinstall wheels and torque lugs to 100 lb ft. Bed in the new pads with a series of 30-0mph stops with light to moderate pressure.

    If you dont have one, go get a Chiltons or Haynes manual for camaros. It will give you pics and details about parts. It will be 20$ well spent for you.

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    If you were closer I'd come give you a hand. Post up on the triad fbody board, someone will be glad to help you out.

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