After 2 and someodd years and months I finally have enough saved for the rear gear swap. I still have not decided on 3.73 or 4.10.... I know I'll be happy with 3.73's but I don't want to regret not getting 4.10's, and I can't afford a swap if 4.10's actually turn out to be too extreme.

I never go to the track, so i'm always on the streets... and we do get snow here from december (some years) until march... usually only 6-10 days tops of actual snow covered conditions. so i dont think that would be too much of an issue (although i would imagine having 373 or 410 would actually HELP snow traction due the lower speed ablity?

please only comment if you actually own 373s or 410s or know someone who does because last thing i need is someone who doesnt even own an fbody yelling 410's at me cause I have a 6 speed.

although that decision is the hardest, i do have 1 other choice... do you all recommend I get Motive or Strange gears? The Strange are more expensive, and i have no idea why, but its a mear $35 so its definatly not a financial issue.

thanks all!!

PS. I've reviewed the numbers on that gear calculator more times then i care to remember trying to decided 373 or 410, but i just dont trust that thing. what 1st/2nd gear top speeds do YOU see with your gears?

PPS. What is the difference between 2 and 3 carrier series? which do I need? i have a 96 trans 6 speed with traction control if that matters.