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FAILURE OF OPTISPARK!? What are the symptoms?

This is a discussion on FAILURE OF OPTISPARK!? What are the symptoms? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've heard alot about the optispark failing in the LT1's but I have failed to find somewhere on this site ...

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    FAILURE OF OPTISPARK!? What are the symptoms?

    I've heard alot about the optispark failing in the LT1's but I have failed to find somewhere on this site what the symptoms are. My car symptoms are as follows,

    1. My car runs like crap when I try to take off it feels powerless.
    Once I get over say 4000 RPM or a certain speed my car doesn't feel powerless But........

    My Z has a A4

    The redline starts at 5,000 RPM on an LT1, it's dotted until it gets to 6,000 Then turns solid between 6,000 and 7,000 RPM
    WELL it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that red is bad "Dotted Red is BAD" "Solid RED is REALLY BAD"

    2. MY Car shifts at 6,500 RPM!!! when I floor it, Thats 500 RPM before the max readout. "This is not normal RIGHT?

    3. When I am at a stop light the idle drops to about 500 RPM and my car starts to sway from side to side it feels like it has a 500 in it!

    Are these the symptoms of optispark faliure or what is the problem.
    Could it be a specific sensor?
    Maybe two different problems?

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    wow, that could be alot of things.... One thing I can tell you... 6500 rpm is hazardous to the health of your LT1 motor, and the valvetrain may not take that abuse many times. Try to avoid that if possible. One of the main symptoms to look for is a hesitation, ie the car wont pull smoothly through the power band, as it is randomly missfiring.

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    Yea like he said it could be anything.

    Does it have any lights that come on? If no then just start checking random stuff. Check the fuel pressure and drive around with it taped to the windsheild if you have to.

    Then if that checks out fine it's not a fuel related problem. After that just check the opti and other sensors.

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    Yeah 6500 def isnt good on a stock valvetrain. Also check you plug wires at night and make sure you arent arcing out. What mods you have done??

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    No Mods just stock. I can't figure out what's wrong. Could it be optispark?
    I don't get a "check engine" light thats what worries me, if it was misfiring I would get a "check engine" light. Is it possibly any type of sensor

    Also what is that whooshing sound I get after it shifts? I thought it was the belt slipping but it's not.

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