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Encounted 2 CRX's tonight...

This is a discussion on Encounted 2 CRX's tonight... within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I was on my way home from Applebees tonight after work, when two CRX's done up pull infront of me ...

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    Encounted 2 CRX's tonight...

    I was on my way home from Applebees tonight after work, when two CRX's done up pull infront of me before a traffic light heading down the same stretch of highway. It's two lanes so they pull together and start racing each other, so I make sure they are aware of my presence and ride thier ass's while they are racing each other

    We start to come to the first traffic light, they go single file in the right lane and i pull up nose to nose with the first car in line and slowly approach the green light hoping it will go red before we get there... we get to it though and its still green so he goes and floors it. I answer back and immediatly get my nose back towards his, and start gaining on him right away in 1st. I miss second (i did an ackward half downshift into first anticipating a stop at the light) so he gains abit and is almost equal with me again, looks like he is pulling on me but i'm now solidly connected in 2nd and he goes by by in the rear view, I get into 3rd and he's already 3 car lengths back and dropping >

    another traffic light is comming up, and the road opens up to 3 wide, but there is a car already stopped at the light in my lane, so they line up with each other, but at green they stay normal speed for awhile and open a gap so i can pass the car infront of me and get back into the lane for the next traffic light that is another hundred yards up. after this light is 3 lanes merging to 2 but stright (relativly) semiuphill grade for a good half mile or more, i'm horrible at judging distances. I get fully stopped at the red with them too line up JUST as the light goes green so none of us get a good fair launch.... but we make the best off it since we all missed it and go at it. one of the cars doesnt even make the attempt i dont think, or seriously missed a gear cause we both left him way back in 1st. the one next to me is ahead by a door, my front hood is equal to about where his left mirror is, and he goes into 2nd, and i still have about 1500 left in 1st > i catch the distance right up before i get into second, and bam, he pulls the distance back to the door from me shifting... we continue to go at it and at about 3500k or so i start to pull like he wasnt moving. upper 2nd he's already at my trunk and then fades even further when he shifts again, i get into 3rd and i'm doing almost a 100 and he's 2 car lengths back or more, 4th and he's gone... guess thos box cars die at 120 i was hoping to get to 5th and 6th as this was the perfect road to get to the wonderfull 167mph barrier i dont think they wanted any of THAT baby

    Another ricer bunch... in the SMOKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    i never get board of teaching children basic physics... V8 6 speed will always eat 4 banger econobox's with the aerodynamics of a barn.
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    ha ha i know!

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    I love your stories man

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