I'm almost halfway through changing out the plugs and wires on the 'Bird and i'm trying to figure out the wiring for the back cylinder ont he drivers side. It is in a metal heat shield of sorts that runs between the block and manifold/cat. How the shit do you get the wire out of this shield? Its triangular so that the wire is held in place as to not burn against the manifold. So question is, how do you get it out, and once you get it out, how do you get the new one back in? Does this heatshield un-clip from the block? Do you just cut the old wire out, lay the new wire across the heatshield and clip it down in?

Reason I'm changing plugs/wires is to hopefully avoid the potential dead-opti, car is misfiring bad down low, but over 3k RPM's it rev's good. It had sat for 2-3 months in the front lawn for sale, started up beautifully, ran up the road jus fine, came home, parked it, and it barely started, then wouldn't hardly idle. Rev on it at idle, almost dies before the RPM's pick up, once they pick up it runs fine and doesn't skip. I've searched and read but not found much on the routing/changing out of the wires.

Link to a writeup would be excellent. I'm also cross-posting this in General help as well.