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Are all gm flex and flywheels weighted the same? is that what this link says? it sounds like all of the one piece rear seal cranks use the same wieghted flex or fly. Just diff sizes.
Thats what im thinking, but now Im searching the net for that answer, and will let you know if i find out. I did find a guy on another board, that I talked to and he put a lt1 in a 91 silverado and used the stock nv3500 f-speed trans and flywheel, after asking him bout the counter weight he said he was aware of the weight but didnt know if the flywheel was weighted the same as the lt1 or not. Then he said he took a chance put it together and hoped for the best, and he said so far he has around 30,000 miles on the swap and there is no sign of a problem, vibrations, etc.

So either they are weighted in the same spot, or he is just lucky, dont know.