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Converting from 3:42 to 4:10 gears

This is a discussion on Converting from 3:42 to 4:10 gears within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've got a 94 firebird with a six speed with 3:42 gear ratio. I wanted to know if anyone has ...

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    I've got a 94 firebird with a six speed with 3:42 gear ratio. I wanted to know if anyone has made this swap and if you have did it make a big difference. I wonder if you have to only change the ring and pinion. I want to know if you guys think it would be a worthwhile investment.

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    I just converted my 00 SS m6 from 3.42's to 4.10's and I love it. Man you will not believe the difference in pickup. It didn't really hurt my gas mileage. I would highly recommend it.
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    Hope that helps... I am now more undecided then when I was originally looking though...

    EVERYONE said go 4.10 but NONE OF THEM had an LT1 car, nor could they give me specifics.

    Right now I'm thinking 4.10 but I'm going to hold off another month to save enough to swap for 3.73's if 4.10 are too much of a pain for the gain so Im not stuck driving 4.10's until I can get 3.73s

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    4.10s on an LT1 are a great choice. problem is the diff is still going to blow up on ya. i just bought a strange 12 bolt for that reason. (with 4.10s of course)

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    I went from crappy stock 2.73's... yes, you read that right <2.73> in my '96 Formula to 3.73's. That was over two years ago... and it's still running strong without any noise or whine or grinding... and I run drag radials at the track. My opinion... get the gears... you'll absolutely love your car all over again. It's a HUGE difference and VERY noticeable!!!! Good luck!

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    i changed the gears in my old 95 formula with a 6 speed with bolt ons and stock internals to 4.10s. It all depends I found out on the street it was a good street gear if you are into street racing. But for track use they suck, if you shift your car at redline your going to have to use 5th gear at which your car is going to fall flat on its face. So now I have a 97 camaro ss I got hot cam with full bolt ons and it has 3.73s and now I wish I have did the 4.10s because I shift at a higher rpm and I wouldnt have to shift into 5th. All depends on your mods if you are going to do a cam which you are going to get more rpm out of your motor go with 4.10s if not do the 3.73s . just noticed you posted this awhile ago sorry for the late response
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    Thanks for all of the replys to my question. They are very helpful. And if you have any experience with my question don't hesitate to post a reply. Thank You

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