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Clutch and fly

This is a discussion on Clutch and fly within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Facing recent prob;ems with the current clutch, i have decided to go ahead and jsut replace it, and the flywheel ...

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    Clutch and fly

    Facing recent prob;ems with the current clutch, i have decided to go ahead and jsut replace it, and the flywheel too while i m at it. anyone suggest a good combo? right now only mods are bolt on and 410s in the near future, so i wont be upping the power all too much anytime soon so i dont need a drag rated clutch, but i would like it to hold better then then oem spec clutch held... it slipped like made even new and as far as flywheels are concernted, ive never done the research so i wouldnt know one from another other then to look for the weight... but im sure there are more factors to look for, no?

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    The lighter the flywheel the harder it will be to drive. And you'll have to shift that much faster as the revs will fall quicker between shifts.

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    So what would a good street weight be?

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    Anyone recommend a weight, company and clutch?

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    In my opinion the Mcleod Street Twin w/Steel Flywheel is the way to go.

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    Stick with a steel flywheel for sure. I've heard a lot of good about the SPEC clutches. I have a RAM clutch but it slips with a built motor.

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    The best option given what you say you are after is SLP. 30% better hold, without wearing out quicker like McLeods and SPECs. If you aren't gonna build it fairly badd, SLP is as far as you should go. My SLP has taken some mean abuse and holds tight. I don't remember how many miles I had when we put it in, but I've got 177,000 now.

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