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chalk another one up for the optispark

This is a discussion on chalk another one up for the optispark within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; the optispark in my 97ss decided to crap out on me. i cant believe that with only 67K on the ...

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    chalk another one up for the optispark

    the optispark in my 97ss decided to crap out on me. i cant believe that with only 67K on the odometer, the thing went south. it happened over night, literally.

    I was driving home on the interstate sunday night and was really low on gas, so i barely made it to gas station and filled up. I was sooo close to empty. I got home, parked and went to bed. the next morning thing was sputtering and coughing, but was fine at idle. My first thoughts were bad gas or sumthin' got sucked into the fuel filter because it was so low(sediment or whatever). Optispark was also on my mind, but want to believe it was something else due to my mileage.

    took it to a GM dealer, and twenty minutes later.......OPTISPARK!

    I have no time to replace it myself(even though i told myself i would DIY it if it ever went bad). Anyway, long story short, i had them replace it. Should be done in a couple of hours and waaaaay toooo much $$$$!!!!!!!

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    here is an odd question, i drove my car "slowly" to my work, which is down the street from the dealership. at my work, when i want to drive it over to get worked on, it wouldnt start. Do they really go out that fast? it went from a screaming machine to sputtering to not starting in less than 15miles of driving!!!!

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    ya sure it might not be a fuel pump also.....? running low on gas can wear down a pump.

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    they just called me and told me that some of my plugs are jacked and fouled. I hope that its all they find. i also hope that they dont call me in another hour and say, "we ALSO think its your fuel pump, or MAYBE a clogged fuel filter".

    What can one do if they replace things that dont need to be replaced? If they find something else, im going to have to tell them i will only pay for the parts and not the labor as they didnt really know what was wrong to begin with.


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    Make sure if they change the plugs to do both sides a lot of dealerships wont mess with the harder side, as for the fuel filter do it yourself also with the pump a lot of people like to cut out a square hol in the hatch and then put it back on with hinges as an easy opening to get to it again if it goes

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    My Optispark died suddenly on the freeway at - about 5,000 rpm - with no warning whatsoever.

    Still, I can't complain. The original unit lasted 130,000 miles.
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    i wish i didnt have to spend all that $$$, but it did help. the car seems to idle alittle smoother than before too.

    they did change both sides, thats what took soooooo long. the mechanic told me that he knew he had his work cut out for him after he learned the plugs were bad.

    anyway, on a good note, i met a GM mechanic that does odd jobs on the side(headers/differentials/engine internals). he even has access to the dealerships lifts and tools.

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    Well thats good, I have access to a lift at my moms work (she works at a chevy dealership) and I did my plugs up there in a lift I got all my plugs but the #2 cylinder it was a BIT** to get to so I brought it home and took forever on it. But I had another garage my moms work deals with install my water pump and opti for $197 only so I Was pretty happy then I changed my coil because they said it was in bad shape

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