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Car wont start

This is a discussion on Car wont start within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So i was at the mall the other day. We got there with the car running fine. We come backout ...

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    Car wont start

    So i was at the mall the other day. We got there with the car running fine.
    We come backout like after 10min cuz nothing was open, so I start the car and its idling really rough. I turned the car off and turned it back on. OK so its back to normal then it starts to idle rough again so i give it some juice and it calmed down. We start moving and the first stop we come to the car just turned off. So i wanna know if u guys have any idea what it could be. The car is at home now and when i turn the switch the battery seems like its dead but it's been not even a year since i got the battery. Friends telling me it could be the fuel pump ot the injectors. What do you guys think?

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    could be the fuel pump... or it could be the air flow. i was working on my car... and i had the whole air intake system off and forgot to put it back on... at stop lights my rpms would drop and go up and rough... realized it was off and put it back on.... runs fine.. also check and make sure its not misfiring or backfiring... spark plugs and wires... might as well do a full maintence on it.. best thing to start with... change wires and plugs, oil change even if not due... make sure your not leaking any fluid...

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    Make sure you check your fuel filter first, but doesnt sound like the pump if it started and ran fine for a while. Turn your key to right before it bumps the starter and have someone listen to see if they can hear the pump prime. Hope that helps.

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