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Am I Going Over the Top With Parts

This is a discussion on Am I Going Over the Top With Parts within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Last year my local Chevy dealer (been using them for 15 years and trust their work) told me GM was ...

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    Am I Going Over the Top With Parts

    Last year my local Chevy dealer (been using them for 15 years and trust their work) told me GM was starting to clear out all the F-body parts. If there was anything I needed, get it now. Being in the car hobby for over 45 years, know what its like to try and find parts (many happy memories of junk yarding with my dad to keep the family car running.)

    Now with junk yards crushing things almost as soon as they get on the lot and the "old time" yards turned into EPA Super Sites figure it was time to start. Here is a basic list of things current sitting in the garage or on order. From yunz folks experience what else should I get for future replacement?

    My goal is to keep this 95 around for as long as gas (real stuff) and oil is around. Plus she's been a family car 7 years so adding to the happy memory bank each year. Looking for the long haul here.

    Here's the list:

    1: Clutch/brake pedal assembly
    2: Turn signal assembly (include wiper/cruise controller, including cancel cam)
    3: Dimmer switch
    4: One full set of all power window switches and mirrow control switch.
    5: HAVC assembly
    6: Steering wheel
    7: Complete set of door and t roof seals
    8: Brake light switch
    9: Cluch switch (switch indicates the clutch pedal is depressed for starting)
    10: four new 4 laps (forgot I had ordered a pair so ordered another set)
    11: headliner (already installed)
    12: Diver and passenger sun visors (already installed)
    11: Tail light lens and center filler panel (already insalled)
    12: Clutch padel return spring (on order)
    13: Flywheel, clutch, presure plate (these three items on order), throw-out bearing, cluch slave and master cylinder, pilot bushing (the rest already have)
    14: Optispark (on order)
    15: Water pump (on order, comes in a kit) and water pump temp sensor
    16: Thermostat and gasket (on order)
    17: Coil and control modual (on order)
    18: EGR valve, gasket (on order) Question, should a spare EGR controller be an item to get?
    19: Upper and lower radiator hoses
    20: Collent recover tank cap with dip stick
    21: Red postive post cover (installed)
    22: Trunk release motor
    23: Trunk release switch
    24: Front air dam

    What's folks thinking on ordering a new radiator and the rubber mounts? Fuel pump and strainer? New PCM? Already have one head lamp motor that I can swap in a new gear so think I am ok. Window motors are a common (meaning not an exclusive to the F-Body motor) not worried.

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    Yea but if you get parts in GM boxes and hold on to them for years and they never go bad on the car they are worth thier wieght in gold as I'm sure you know with that many years of hunting down parts.

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    Well on the fuel pump thing. I just did one for 500.00 on my 6er 01 Camaro. The cheeper one was like 388.00. If you got the loot I guess an extra one sitting around would be great. Thank God I also have a W-body, no parts shortages there yet. Only thing that is hard to find is a munchie 284 5spd (@ least a good one anyway). Considering it's 17 years old and one of the more rare dubya bods, other parts have been relatively easy to odtain. Maybe getting a lythe, vertical mill, and a C&C machine would be a good idea for ya..
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