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97 Trans Am Shutting Down

This is a discussion on 97 Trans Am Shutting Down within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I Have a 97 Trans Am with the LT1 350 in it and it shuts down on me just driving ...

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    1997 Trans Am

    97 Trans Am Shutting Down

    I Have a 97 Trans Am with the LT1 350 in it and it shuts down on me just driving down the road and will not restart right away I have to leave it sit.... It acts like the anti theft has kicked in it will just sit there and crank over I have all lights and power to everything except the tach does not move at all when turning it over if anyone has any ideas please let me know

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    You wont get many answers in here..... this isn't a tech forum. Post this question in a forum for tech, like General Help, or Firebird/WS6

    This Forum is for site requests, and feedback..... Not much traffic here.

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    It sounds like it could be your Ignition Control Module. It's located on the front driver side cylinder head. Sometimes when they get hot it will not start until it cools back down.

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    If it onlappens when it is hot my best guess is a heat related issue and the ICM is a reasonable guess without doing a formal diagnosis. You may simply want to unplug and re-plug all your electrical connectors anyway as a matter of an annual "cleaning process" and you may see some evidence of things that have become brittle with heat soak over the years.

    If you have headers you could also have a heat soaked starter as well (more than one problem) ie: One problem is shutting off and a different problem could prevent an immediate re-start...

    My best advice would be to take it to a competent mechanic familiar with the nuances of your engine.

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