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96 tranmission prob

This is a discussion on 96 tranmission prob within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; i blew the trans on my 96 trans am, how much should a place charge for a rebuild? ive looked ...

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    96 tranmission prob

    i blew the trans on my 96 trans am, how much should a place charge for a rebuild? ive looked online and found kits for anywhere between $200 and $500, but the mech is telling me he thinks its not worth a rebuild (he doesnt do it anyway but says the places around here rip on peoples wallets) on modern trans and should just replace it... but new trans are $1700-3500! I wouldnt perfer a used one just because if the new cam/heads took out a 96 with 65k on it, a used one will only last another year if i can even find one with low miliage and recent year. and $500 for damn good rebuid parts sounds alot better then $1800 for a beefier built new one... especially since I have $126 in my checking account.

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    I would have it rebuilt. Check the sponsors on here, someone does it.

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    i have no idea where to start estimating, how long a job is it, 5 hours, 10 hours?

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    Theres some confusion now... the mech told me the vin comes up as a borg warner transmission, is that the same as a tremec t56? im looking at t56 rebuild kits, should i be looking at something else now? he also said its the intermediate shaft thats the problem, will rebuild kit be sufficient?

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    take it out of the car.... take it to someone who knows T56s.... and say "fix this".

    you dont have enough knowledge on this to be messing with it. And dont take it to the same guy who has done all the work on your car so far, because your car has been nothing but a nightmare of problems.

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    ha yea he doesnt work on transmissions... problem is i havent found a single place that will... either they say automactic rebuilds only, or i get the line "we just replace the entire thing with rebuilt ones" and want $2000-3500 for it. fuuuuuuuuuuuc|<.

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