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3rd gen Vin

This is a discussion on 3rd gen Vin within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Does anyone know where all the locations of the VIN numbers are for a 1985 Trans Am? My 85 TA ...

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    3rd gen Vin

    Does anyone know where all the locations of the VIN numbers are for a 1985 Trans Am? My 85 TA was stolen in 1997 and I found one on the web that is nearly identical to it, but the rear hatch has been either changed or the high mount brake ligth removed, and the exterior color is like mine but its been repainted and the wheels are gone and the spoiler is removed and I saw at least one pic where the dash cover was removed then in another pic it was back on properly. So, I would like to go check it out but it is located in Tulsa, OK and I live in Dallas, but maybe I can get up there somehow. But I need to know where an obscure place would be for the VIN. Like on the engine, or on the firewall or under the carpet or some place where it might have been over looked.


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    Engine (if its the stock engine) will have the last 6 digits of the vin stamped on the tag in front of it.. the VIN by the windshield obviously, 85 might have already started putting the vin inside the trunk on the inside of the quarterpanels (my 87 and 88 have that, but not sure if my 85 does).. the RPO codes in the glove compartment.. but thats all I can think of...
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