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383 Question

This is a discussion on 383 Question within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I am looking to go to a 383 does anyone have anything bad to say about switching to a 383 ...

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    383 Question

    I am looking to go to a 383 does anyone have anything bad to say about switching to a 383 carb or how would I do a 383 fuel injected.

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    A carb is simpler to tune, but wont outperform the fuel injection from an LT1 in any way. An LT1 motor can be built as a 383 stroker just like any other small block chevy. Port the heads or get aftermarket, a matching cam, etc etc, and a good computer tune on a chassis dyno by someone who knows what they're doing.

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    I am doing one right now that is not going the way I planned it. I can say this, figure out what you want power wise and setup wise. Do you need to pass emissions? do you want a car that has street manners or a track car? ask your self do I want to run NOS, Boost of any kind or just normally aspirated. all of this plays out in piston size, piston material as well as crank and rod material. Lt1's reverse cooling allows you to run higher compression ratios with smaller chamber heads. Stock is around 10.25 to 1 with a 54 cc head chamber. You can run 91 or 93 with out detonation because of the cooler head temps and the modern fuel injection system and pcm. The knock sensors help the computer control the timing so it won’t ping. With this said most will tell you that if you want to go to 11 or 11.5 to 1 on the compression you can but don't do what my father did and take it down to 9 or anything below 10.5 unless you are going to run turbo or a supercharger. This is my problem right now because I wanted to run normally aspirated.

    Heads are easy. Once you have a direction you want to go, pick out the bottom end and then the heads, cam and intake. Then you can choose the rockers and lifters to make the long block complete.

    Now you need to choose fuel injectors to flow enough fuel to the stroker. You will also want to have some supporting mods to make it worth while like throttle body, cold air intake, headers, cats (if you need them) and exhaust. Like 5.0 said you will need a tune and a dyno tune is the best tune you can get because they look at how everything running both in a load environment and in the PCM's world so they can make changes needed to maximize not only performance but efficiency as well.
    Other things that will need to be upgraded are the transmission. A stock Trans will be short lived if it is not built to handle the power. The rear end may need some attention depending on how much power you make and how you drive it. Build a game plan and some of the stuff you can do before you even take it of the road. I probably forgot some stuff but ask around and you will find the answers.

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