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WS6 vs GTO

This is a discussion on WS6 vs GTO within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I know you guys asked me to not bring this up again but this response is so misguided I can't ...

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    I know you guys asked me to not bring this up again but this response is so misguided I can't help myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by 00z28bubba View Post
    im sorry man but i dont think muscle cars have anything to do with pop. pop style cars are their own breed as are ricers, lowriders, tuners, etc. pop is more of a flashy flaunt your money kind of thing. when you said pop culture i automatically think of that tool will castro from unique whips on speed channel. what he does for a living is pop, and it could be any kind of car really. it could be a luxury car or an exotic with too much money dumped into it. to me that is what i would consider a pop style car. i bet if anyone watches alot of mid 90s - current kids movies they would see a shitload of grand caravans. those damn things are everywhere. now does that make them legendary? no possible way imo.
    You clearly have no idea what "Pop culture" means, so I have provided the definition as according to the Webster dictionary:

    "Items or ideas that are well known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population."

    Where in this definition do you see "flashy" of "flaunting your money?" It has absolutely nothing to do with showing off, EVER, and as such has nothing to do with Will Castro, and his show Unique Whips has ratings which are too low for it to even be considered in this category. Ricers are also not generally accepted in the population (this site is proof of that) so they are also not included in this category. It also has nothing to do with an object's exposure, but rather the object's acceptance, so the grand caravan is not included in this category either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00z28bubba View Post
    Click for full size

    Click for full size

    much better comparison.
    im sorry but your argument is weak. they look nothing alike. they have openings in the hood, thats it. honestly, neither gto or the ta look like a sunfire. thats a terrible comparison. the fact still remains that the gto DOES look like the grand prix. if you like it whatever, but it DOES look similar, the pictures are undeniable. and i also think its funny that no gto guys are even arguing this point.... the gto is a nice car, but its a copy of another foreign car, which imo makes it kinda suck. the gto was too great of a car to pass it off as a high end grand prix.

    and this whole argument about what is more legendary or pop culture is irrelevant, no one even old enough to remember when they came out is involved in this discussion. and its off topic.

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    This thread has run its course.

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