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When I was 16 "the curves" was my thing. I was really good. I pulled off some stuff that you wouldnt believe my stories. Many times I took 25-45 curves running 80+ with the car sideways. BUT..............one time to many playing in light rain around a 25 mph curve and crashed. It cost me alot. Worst thing my friend broke his jaw. I didnt have license (suspended) or insurance. It destoyed my 1979 Z28. No insurance meant I paid $4500 on a car that was no longer. I lost my license for an addtional year. A night in jail and a $300 fine. Very lucky somebody didnt get killed.
Can you describe or make a simply drawing on paint as to where you would find any curve like that haha? I've never come across any sharp 90 degree turn that you can take at above 30-35. By turning sideways did you mean you turned early but sharply so the car was always pointing to the left or right by the time you hit that zone?