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What's plastic, what's steel?

This is a discussion on What's plastic, what's steel? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My 2000 SS camaro (t-tops 6speed) weighs 3,550 lbs. without me in it. That's with long tube headers and off ...

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    My 2000 SS camaro (t-tops 6speed) weighs 3,550 lbs. without me in it. That's with long tube headers and off road Y-pipe. So the cast iron manifolds and cats are gone.

    My 2002 SS camaro (convertable/automatic) weighs 3,620 lbs. without me in it. That's also with long tube headers and off road Y-pipe.

    Considering I weigh 200 lbs. I'm driving around (racing) at 3,750 in the T-top car and 3,820 in the vert.

    These cars definately aren't what I consider featherweights. Start adding subframe connectors, roll bars, bigger rearends, larger sway bars, larger (heavier) wheels, stereo equipment, I can see these cars getting pretty porky.

    Although there is alot of plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum, it's all the damn safety equipment and creature comforts that make them as heavy as they are. Impact bumpers, air bags, power brakes, steering, seats, AC, cruise, everything computerized so you also have all that electrical wiring, blah blah blah. You get the idea.

    For a comparison, I can give an example of one of the older Fbodies I have.

    My 70 formula, all steel (except factory fiberglass hood) all cast iron 400 ci, 400 turbo trans, factory 12 bolt chevy rearend, PS and PDB for options.
    Full tank of gas it weighs 3,690 lbs.
    Considering all the cast iron and steel in this car, it's really not that far off from my 4th gens that are full of fiberglass and aluminum engines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azkass View Post
    You'd think with all that plastic they would be lighter. After I get my car back from the shop I'm gonna get it weighed and see where it's at. I'm planning on building a new block (cast iron) so I imagine that will add a couple hundred pounds as well. Hope the added HP makes up for the added weight of the block. I DON"T want these Mustang guys pullin' on me.
    can borrow my ole lady to make it a 5th Gen Porker but the extra weight might blow the 10 bolt lmfao smittro toss in your BF too... that will do it in

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