So I am new to this site, and some of you fellows seem pretty keen. Well, here is the question that brought me to joining this site: What is my 1995 Pro Am Firebird? I have number 122 and the person I bought it from said there were only 500 produced in 95. There is a number plate on the ashtray cover that says "Limited Edition Pro Am Series Number 122." Supposedly they were only produced 1987-89 (at a total of 1500) and then 500 more in 95??? Some have said it is a v6 with the formula pkg but they were wrong b/c it came with the LT1/6spd. It has a body kit that were not on any of the other models (molded on fiberglass), but is that it? Just from looking at it is looks like it sits lower than stock but not much (how do I measure or what do I look for for susp mods). It has "Superior" brand wheels and an awesome sounding exhaust (no headers), but I don't know if it came like this or someone along the way has done this. Please help. Thanks and looking forward to learning much more from you guys!