Tune and Test Pontiac Firebird LS1 Build - LS1 Power Plan - Pontiac Tech

Part III: Chassis Dyno And Drag Testing LS1 Intake, Exhaust, And Cam UpgradesWhile race-car performance is the goal of a large cross-section of enthusiasts, the key to completing a very powerful "Cam-Only" LS1 build is a delicate balance of both parts and tuning talent. As described in Parts I and II of LS1 Power Plan (HPP, Aug. and Sept. '08), a well-thought-out combination of parts for the 346-cubic inch mill can increase both power and torque without sacrificing driveability or turning your Bird into a "high-rpm" only car.

Photo Gallery: Tune and Test Pontiac Firebird LS1 Build - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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