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trunk subwoofer

This is a discussion on trunk subwoofer within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by suede 2 10's.... he has a vert...

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    Quote Originally Posted by suede View Post
    Click for full size

    2 10's....
    he has a vert

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatertot91 View Post
    he has a vert
    damn, here i though i had this covered to a T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archaelas View Post
    Yeah, I'm looking at a way to eliminate the bass loss with the top down. At first I thought about a shelf sort of thing under the top (maybe 1/2" of clearance) but wrote that off after looking at it with the top down. Now I'm exploring some sort of tubing through the quarters and out the sails but I haven't had time (or a sunny day) to really check it. I'll post back when I see how feasible that is.

    Can't get rid of my rear seats, I take two of my kids to school every morning so I kinda need them lol.

    @wenn_du_weinst - I'll PM the measurements as soon as I have them. Been to rainy to leave the trunk open so as soon as I have a clear day, I'll take a tape measure to it.
    i to havent messed with verts either but it you have any clearnce with the top down to reach the cabin make sumthing like a roff scoop design port and with 2 good 12s just that port should get the bass up there i wouldnt do any tubing tho all cars ive seen that on sound like shit

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    Yeah I was a little worried about the sound through the tubing but I don't think there's much else to do if I want to port it. With the top down, there is absolutely no clearance and no play to the top either. I don't think I could even get 1/2" under the folded top without causing problems, either for the top or breaking what I used to make the clearance.

    Best bet I've found so far is going all the way around the top almost against the inner skin of the quarters and use non-pliable tubing (think PVC but a little bigger than standard <3" sizes) and porting it through the sails but I still have more investigation to do before I'll know for sure if this is feasible.

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