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Trans Am headlight motor

This is a discussion on Trans Am headlight motor within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well my drivers side headlight was popping back up when i turned my alarm on and making the annoying buzz ...

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    Trans Am headlight motor

    Well my drivers side headlight was popping back up when i turned my alarm on and making the annoying buzz sound. So i went to advanced and got a new motor, replaced it and now its will turn down when my headlights suppose to turn up, and not turn up at all when its suppose to. I was able to drive it by adjustng the knob on top but i was trying to figure out what went wrong.

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    Your not alone mine just start doing that too! At first it was the driver side now its both making that grawling noise! How much did it cost you for the new head light motor?

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    You have the arm installed at the wrong angle, thus reversing its operation or you installed it opposite of the others position. You have to sync them, or atleast I did.

    Most stores carry reman Cardone motors and they're usually around $80 with $15 core refund.
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    Boy, that is the most hated rebuild I think.
    Instead of buying new motors, I bought rebuild kits.
    Far cheaper and much more rugged gearing.
    I used the hardened aluminum gears with the additional anti torque cross braces.
    Took about 24 hours including the set time for the epoxy to cure.
    Now they are military spec tough.
    Be sure to repack the gear box with water proof grease, and hammer down the bent over motor clips to insure the motor stays tight to the gearbox.
    That set up should last the life of the car and the lights make a cool sound when functioning.
    Kinda like the whine of a gattling gun. lol

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    My motors in my old TA had brass gears and they still went bad, all the gears were chewed up
    i just replaced the motors and they never gave me any more issues

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