Trans Am Cam Swap - Affordable Attitude Adjustment

With a 467ci '76 T/A as a subject, we show you how taming your Pontiac's cam to improve driveability may be a pretty wild idea after allA camshaft's primary task is to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at specific points of crankshaft rotation, and small specification differences can have drastic effects on an engine's attitude. A cam designed to allow for 6,000-rpm performance will usually idle rough and make a typical vehicle laborious to drive in normal situations. While low-speed street manners may be less important if going fast is the goal, the best cam for a street-driven application is usually a subjective compromise of strong performance and tolerable street manners.

Photo Gallery: Trans Am Cam Swap - Installing a Camshaft in a 467ci '76 T/A - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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