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Traction Control (Thumbs Up)

This is a discussion on Traction Control (Thumbs Up) within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; The first time I experienced TCS was on my newly ordered from the factory '98 T/A WS6 M6. It was ...

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    The first time I experienced TCS was on my newly ordered from the factory '98 T/A WS6 M6. It was a bumming experience to say the least. My foot was kicked off the accelerator pedal and most forward progress was halted. I can see using it in snow or ice, but in the south, it's useless and a pain in the neck. I can't remember how many times I got in, warmed her up and then wanted to take off like gang busters but forgot to turn off the TCS and get so ticked off in the process. I finally purchased a TCS override which turns it off on start up and never had to deal with it again. My 2000 has the same thing. Thank God for TCS override!!!

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    It's actually dangerous in the rain and snow. I was on a steep hill in the rain, and some asshat glued himself to my back bumper. I get into the gas a bit, the TCS kicks in and pushes the gas up, and the car stalls(M6). I almost rolled back into the idiot. Here's my first tutorial on proper use of TCS.
    1)Get in car
    2)Start car
    3)Push TCS button once
    Training over...

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