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Ok first of all by everyday car I did not mean a daily driver...I meant a car that is a dime a dozen like a mustang. Your driving a special edition limited number Firehawk that is easy to track down. I did not say that you run from the police but your license plate is a mixture of 8's and B's which is hard to read and law enforcement sees this as an attempt to make it hard for them to read or confuse them. As far as blocking your license plate I was meaning in the picture that you are posting on the internet that billions of people have access to view. Since as you say you are only 18 let me give you some advice from someone that might know something about law enforcement in the state that you live in. YOU ARE YOUNG AND DRIVE A SPORTS CAR THAT CAN BREAK SPEED LIMITS IN A MATTER OF SECONDS!!!! EVERY COP THAT GETS WITH IN SIGHT OF YOUR CAR IS GOING TO BE WATCHING YOU WAITING FOR YOU TO SCREW UP SO THEY CAN WRITE YOU A TICKET AND THEY ARE GOING TO PAY EVEN CLOSER ATTENTION TO YOUR CAR WHEN THEY SEE YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER.

As for which wheels you get by all means its your money and you can put whatever wheels you want on your car. I was just pointing out that shelby wheels have the shelby sticker on the center cap and every ford guy in that sees them will make fun of you.

Good luck with your car and drive safe.
yea man, take his advice. Im 20 and have Collector Edition Trans Am and cops are on my ass all the time. Even when the car is sitting, they are watching. It sucks. Nice car. Good luck and ample fun it to be had. http://s186.photobucket.com/albums/x...05-07_1952.flv Heres a camera phone vid of my car if your bored. Anyways, enjoy.