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Think I found my LS1

This is a discussion on Think I found my LS1 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by rideon1200 Ok now we get to call hard facts. Used car dealers are the last place I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rideon1200 View Post
    Ok now we get to call hard facts. Used car dealers are the last place I would look for a car. The cars are from, auctiona and beat to shit because 1) they are repos, or 2) From new dealer because it was beat to shit and they didnt want it on there lot. They proably paid 2 to 3 grand for the car and now they are in dream world. They start with a high price and they drop till they sell it. With a t/a they know some kid will come in and buy it. Same thing happened 20 yrs ago, just different year T/A. Go back tell them you want to buy the car today, what is the today price. Whatever they say laugh and tell them they dont want to sell a car today and walk out. Then you find out what the best price is. Remeber these guys have been dealing with tire kickers and people who want a joy ride since the car has been out there. 90% of the people didnt have a pot to piss in. Check the blue book resale value. If you pay retail you are upside down going out the door.
    Good advice! My friend's dad did exactly the same thing, and he got them to knock 4k off the price.

    Also mention if the lot is empty that day (it was in his case, and he did), say something like "boy, just look at all the people buying cars today". Also, he was looking at a Lincoln Town Car, and he mentioned that nobody buys cars like that anymore, how long do you want it sitting on your lot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Too Fast View Post
    You're playing the game like the dealer salespeople do. Good job! If you act like you don't have to have the car right now! you can almost always get a better price. Tell him you'll pay 10,500 with tax included, like you said earlier, or you will wait until you find the exact car you want. Tell him you're not a huge fan of pewter, blah blah blah.
    Thats pretty much what I was thinking, except I really may move on and see what else is out there. I think it was you that said it; thay made about 100,000 of the damn things, so another one will pop up somwhere.

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