I had a small leak in my t-tops on my 98 TA. I tried greasing the weatherstrip and it helped for a while. I started to notice the leak again. This time it wasn't coming from the area were the T-top seal contacts with the car seal. I removed the plastic covers of the t-tops and the posts. It was leaking behind the weatherstrip in both the car and the t-tops.

I removed the t-tops and striped all the weatherstriping from them. I looks like with time the seal and caulking (the black tar stuff) that they use shrinks or something. I removed the metal piece that holds the weatherstriping in place. I removed all the black caulking residual and cleaned the areas good. I used black silicone and I put a decent amount in all the areas that had some before. This stopped the leak on the t-top and it only cost me 8 bucks.

Later thru the week I noticed a small leak behind the t-top area on the passenger side but it was behind the weatherstriping. I removed the t-top and the weatherstriping in that back corner. I appears that there is some sticky foam that they put in some area of the weatherstriping to avoid leaks. It looks like it is old and worned out. I removed all this foam and caulking. I silicone everything again. I put everything back and it worked.

My side was still leaking abit in the same area so I rechecked and it was still leaking from behind the weatherstriping. It looks like I have to put silicone in all the base of the weatherstriping because when a little bit of water starts to puddle it goes underneath the weatherstrip and it starts to leak. I silicone all these areas and I will post my findings during the week.

My whole thing was I was going to spend some cash in new weatherstriping when this is not the problem. I only needed some Silicone and abit of patience. Hope this helps.

To those that had experience with this... Is it necessary to use weatherstriping adhesive to avoid this problem? Thanks.