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Sylvania Headlights

This is a discussion on Sylvania Headlights within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ive got a 98 TA and i just had to replace one of my headlights. I saw that sylvania (sp?) ...

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    Sylvania Headlights

    Ive got a 98 TA and i just had to replace one of my headlights. I saw that sylvania (sp?) had headlights too that werent that expensive. They were also the whole headlight, not just the bulb. I was wondering if any of you have these on their car and how you like them? What did you pay for them also? If they are better, how much more of the road was lit up and was it like you see on TV where its really clear white/blue light lighting up a huge area? TIA for all of your responses. -Justin

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    Two of my lights were out one had water and worked and the other was fine. I took all 4 out and replaced them with sylvania headlights. I dont know about the light up because i replaced them before I drove it. But they are very clear and do light up alot of the road. A great light. imo.

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    u can take the light bulb out of the head light and replace them instead of buying the hole head light to save some money

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    Are you just talking about regular sylvania headlights or the silverstars? I bought a set of Silverstars for my truck and so far so good (but I just replace the bulb...not the housing...same general idea though). I like the brighter look of the silverstars and I've heard good things about how long they last. If you are just asking about regular Sylvanias, I've had no real experience with them in the T/As, but they seem to make pretty solid other bulbs.

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    Unless things have changed recently, Silverstars aren't availible in our sizes. Our cars got stuck with the old sealed beam headlights, they have to be one of the last cars to use them. The camaros switched to the newer composite houseing and separate bulb in 98, but the firebirds and trans ams just got the quad sealed beam setup. I had silverstars on my old TA, loved them, but nothing beats the newer setups, especially HIDs. Drove my gf's 325i with them on a trip back from msu. Lit everything up like day.

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    Hm...I know they sell sealed beamed Silverstars, but never took the time to see if they came in right size for our cars. After looking at Sylania's website, I think you're right...doesn't look like they make them for our cars.

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    silverstars are overpriced and last 1/10 the time of a regular headlight.

    My other car is a pathfinder which i never changed a light bulb in over 7 years. Deciding the new silverstars which are brighter would be cool, i swicthed them out. Your lucky to get them to last 9 months. If you want the brighter bulb but a little cheaper get the sylvania xtra vision. Same extact bulb, but without the coating the silverstars have.

    The reason they dont last very long is because the fililment is a lot smaller then a regular bulb. This makes it burn hotter and make more light (hardly noticeble honestly) but on the flip side gives extremely shitty life.

    You want more light, get some HID projectors.

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