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Speeding Tickets ?

This is a discussion on Speeding Tickets ? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; 0 tickets lately, I have nothing good to say about police that write tickets. If I am a crime victim ...

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    Junior Member Cheviac2K's Avatar
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    Arctic White
    2000 Trans Am & 2000 C5

    0 tickets lately, I have nothing good to say about police that write tickets. If I am a crime victim and there is no suspect visible, the officer will look at ME real hard. All of their act is a power thing, including their 'ability' to let you go. I think fines should be illegal, so they would need jail space for everyone they want to harass!

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    2001 pontiac trans am

    One....Don't know if you guys are familiar with down town Chicago but, I was caught doing 140 on lake shore dr. which is a hwy right a long the lake front. The speed limit there is 40!!! Yea, jail was no fun, especially in Chicago!!!! Since then I've been blessed with no tickets.

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    Larry Dingleberry Racing
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    had mine a year and haven't even been pulled over in it no cats and lt on it to with slp exhaust so it's pretty loud but i haven't had one since i was 16 and drove my gto lol then i got a ticket just about every other week for awhile

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    1991 Pontiac firebird

    I havnt gotten any tickets in my bird, just in my other cars lol, they just follow me from town to town, then drive off.

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    2000 Trans Am WS6

    ive been pulled over 6 times and successfully ran from a cop once, but luckily no ticket yet

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