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This is a discussion on sound within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; ok im geting a 98 or 99 trans am in a few months, whats the first few things i should ...

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    98 trans am


    ok im geting a 98 or 99 trans am in a few months, whats the first few things i should do to make it sound awesome, btw whats an ory?

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    ory, Off Road Y-pipe.

    The way the cars exhaust works is that the manifolds come down either side of the engine and then get funneled by a Y-pipe into a single tube which goes down the length of the car and then dumps into the exhuast which splits again into 2 tips.

    normally, an offroad y-pipe is used in conjucntion with aftermarket headers; headers are more free flowing than stock manifolds, alleviate a ton of HP and will require some tuning for the sake of your car. The ORY pipe is normally fabricated to fit onto the headers and is considered Off Road b/c it eliminates an emmission standard called "catyletic convertors." [once agian, with tuning, that's not a problem].

    keep in mind, you don't have to do headers and ORY to make your car rumble. You can do a "cat-back" system which replaces all of the factory components after the catyletic convertors. Those can range from 400-1000 depending on what brand you get. Good luck, go hangout in the "External engine" section for some heavy feedback on cat back systems.

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