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So I modified my SLP LMII exhaust.......

This is a discussion on So I modified my SLP LMII exhaust....... within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; First off, I am not sure if it is just my bad luck but I have found the SLP LMII ...

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    So I modified my SLP LMII exhaust.......

    First off, I am not sure if it is just my bad luck but I have found the SLP LMII exhaust system to one of the most poorly fitting aftermarket exhaust system out there. The spot where it has to fit through the hole above the upper panhard, exhaust bracket and chassis has never fit right and if you do finally get everything to fit, it usually shifts and ends up resting against something that rattles or rubs. Had a couple exhaust places try to make it right, no long term love, always shifted back to where it wanted to be.

    I put it on the lift and was determined to bend this thing to my will, yeah, didn't happen. I torched, bent and pulled and could never get it to fit right.

    After an hour of screwing with it, I looked at it and decided to start it with the exhaust removed from the back of the LMII muffler. Surprisingly, it wasn't louder, in fact it had a bassier tone to it. No pops from air leaks. I took it for a drive, sounded good. The one thing I didn't think of was with the lack of backpressure, my low end torque was back!! Actually popped it sideways with just a little throttle when leaving the shops driveway and didnt have any bogging through that 2k to 3500 rpm range anymore.

    I took it back in the shop, fashioned a down pipe and called it good.

    Car looks a little odd with no tailpipes but over all, its peppier, sounds better and best of all, NO clunks, rattles or squeaks.

    I am not trying to through SLP under the TA here, maybe I got a Friday afternoon built system. Dunno, just sharing my findings.

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    Interesting fix. Did you dump it to the side? With my cutout, there is a fine line between too far down -- blows up dirt and road grime, and to far up -- coats the underbody with soot.

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    Must be a Friday afternoon build. The only thing that smacks anything are the headers... I did have to have a sleeve made to fit to the ORY and give me the extra 2 inches I needed to fit it all together they way it should be. However, that is only because I made the mistake of purchasing BBK LTH's and ORY. So they didn't fit up correctly to the SLP LM2 system correctly. I only get a rasp at around 2000 - 2300 rpm and it runs off just fine.

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    I had the same issue with my SLP LM2 in the same area. I was able to get mine to finally fit right though. I also installed the relocation kit with the UMI PHB which offered me a little more room to work with. Glad you got it fixed.
    It's on jackstands.

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