So the transformation of my "base" TA vert to a faux Firehawk is coming along nicely. The Hawk hood is getting painted next week and I've put the Firehawk wheels and new rubber on it. Gots me some reproduction Firehawk decals and Firehawk floor mats.

Yesterday I removed the Flowmaster exhaust and put an SLP Loudmouth II system on the car. The 3" Flowmaster tips look great on a Camaro but just aren't right on a Pontiac, IMO. God meant for Pontiacs to have dual tips on each side, and that's what I got. Despite the straight-thru LMII resonator, the system is actually a lot more quiet from idle through about 1800 RPM than the Flowmaster system. This means that with the 6-speed I can find a semi-quiet spot in the RPM range for when I sneak out of my girlfriend's place in the wee hours of the morning. Not nearly as much drone as the Flowmaster muffler, either. When I hop on it, it gets really loud tho. I like it a LOT better than the Flowmaster system that was on the car when I bought it.

I'll post pics when the transformation is complete.....