I have had mine for about 5 years for my DD. Mine has been very reliable, it has never left me sitting beside the road. Its got over 105,000 miles and have had very little repair and replacement parts go into it. Just a alternator, thermostat and the water pump and then the gasket leaked, and the security module since I have owned it. I just started modding mine about 10,000 miles ago and it is responding very well to them. My Gas mileage is around 23-25 on the highway the last time I checked it before some mods so its not terrible. If you just keep your foot out of it and not race everyone that comes along, the gas milage will be fine.
They look GREAT and sound MEAN, they are not like everyday cars that you see, they turn heads. I would recomend one for the DD if you can find one that hasnt been beaten up on by street racers or by teenagers.