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Selling my 2000 transam ws6

This is a discussion on Selling my 2000 transam ws6 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; HELLO EVERYONE,.. been a long time since my last post. Im sad to say, that i am selling my transam! ...

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    Selling my 2000 transam ws6

    HELLO EVERYONE,.. been a long time since my last post.

    Im sad to say, that i am selling my transam! I love my car, and always have, but im unemployed, insurance is too much, and times are tough.

    my baby girl transam has her own very special story,... i purchased her from north carolina after almost a year of searching for a transam ws6 that i could afford, dealerships were way out of my league, and i couldnt afford those high payments. LOW AND BEHOLD I FOUND ONE ONLINE, and the ad said this vehicle had a new rear clip put on because the original owner was hit in the rear end. the title showed as "salvage" so,.. with that i took the computer to my husband who is an autobody collision repair / painter man of 37+ years. All the repairs had already been done, and the vehicle was re-certified into a "RECONSTRUCT TITLE", ... still myself being leary of this, my husband not so leary, because he has done many repairs of this sort, decided to search the net to see if there was any kind of inspection people out there that i could hire, to work for me, and go check this vehicle out at our own expense, and the answer is YES, there is a company that does this, so i hired them, and they were updated by my husband as to what they were going to check out. To my surprise the 8 page written report and digital photos completed by them, showed this vehicle to be in very good condition , being sound, safe and dependable.
    (very impressed with this companys work) they checked everything imaginable and documented everything for our review. (this report is available if needed) I THEN WENT AHEAD WITH THE PURCHASE, and shes been my favorite buddy since 2004!
    my husband keeps her maitenance up, and she has passed inspection all along.
    With this said, and remembering that she is now 14 yrs old. her leather seats need to be either replaced or re-upholstered, the leather has separated at the seams.
    Her rims are ok, but if up to me, id like to replace them, they are showing age.
    all else is fine!

    her details are as follows:
    asking 7000 or best offer
    year: 2000
    trans: automatic
    female owned / and not raced.
    all stock, accept for flowmasters exhaust.
    power seats, power windows, t-tops , tan interior,
    87,000 miles
    for more info please either email me on ls1 or my personal email address at
    or contact my husband (tom) at 215 966 2498 call or text

    my only request is that my babygirl transam goes to a careing loving home!
    I will miss her greatly, but hope she gets a wonderful new owner.

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    You may wish to also post this in our "For Sale" section. Please note that our rules require that pics of the car be posted in the for sale thread. The rules for selling a car on the site are here: Updated vehicle classified rules

    As an aside, sorry to see you selling and hope that things work out for you.

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    Sorry to see that you have to part ways w/ your baby. But if I can provide any advice, it would be this:

    Under your avitar, you mention that you have a Maple Red Metalic 2000 WS6. Pontiac never offered the WS6 option w/ Maple Red Metalic (MRM) paint. Considering the history of your car, it may be wise to be sure you know exactly what your are selling to avoid the appearance of selling a "clone", rather than a "real" WS6 (it does matter to some people). I suspect that your car is either a legitimate WS6 that was repainted in MRM, or its a non-WS6 MRM car that had a hood and other parts added and was passed off as a "WS6". Either way, the RPO decal on the driver's door (if it is still on the car) would tell the true story. "WS6" on the decal would confirm that it is a real WS6 car, "44U" would be the paint code for MRM. It can't be both.

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