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Seat Belt Guide Part #?

This is a discussion on Seat Belt Guide Part #? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi, I got a 1999 Trans Am Ws6, just got it, first car and have been fixing the little problems, ...

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    Seat Belt Guide Part #?


    I got a 1999 Trans Am Ws6, just got it, first car and have been fixing the little problems, park plug wires, plugs, new anti freeze, squeeks, etc. Anyways, I noticed the passenger side seatbelt guide has a decent crack in it, and just want to order online from genuine GM, but I need a part # for it, and I can not find a parts fish anywhere online as amazing as that sounds. If someone could tell me the numbers for the two or three grey colors there are as I forget wich color mine is, either dark grey or graphite grey. Would be really thankful.

    Also, planning on tackling a leaking front seat on the driveshaft back by the rear axle. I read in the Hanes manual I got it said you need a torque wrench that measures in inch pounds to see how hard it is to turn it. Well my torque wrench goes down to 5 foot pounds, it says after replacing you want it to be 15 inch pounds more. If it is 5 foot pounds or more to start with I will be gravy, not sure if it is though, anyone replaced it before? Also, do you think with 74k miles on the car it might be the bearings that went and caused the seal to go. And if anyone could tell me if this is a hard job to do or not, hanes sucks at that, I once spent two hours removing a bolt where it just said, "Remove Bolt".

    Many Thanks.

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    I'd just get the seat belt guide from the dealer, might cost more but won't have to pay shipping/handling - bring your VIN to make sure you get the right color. Found this on another site:

    RH Pewter 16799274
    RH Gray 16799272
    RH Neutral? 16789714

    These are for the coupe, if you have a convertible the PNs are different (have a "slot" in them). Verify before purchasing over the net.

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    Just go down to a dealership. If I remember right, it's $15 to $20. Kids seem to think that it makes a good handle for climbing out of the back seat.

    At least it was in the regular T/A and not my WS/6. I would have been quite a bit madder. There shouldn't be any difference in cost, but my WS/6 is special to me.

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