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This is a discussion on Rotors within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Gettin rid of my oem rotors, lookin for slotted. Any suggestions? I found a good deal through rotorworks, but are ...

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    Gettin rid of my oem rotors, lookin for slotted. Any suggestions? I found a good deal through rotorworks, but are slotted/drilled. Kind of wanted to stay away from drilled.

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    Depends on what your use is going to be.
    If it's a daily driver in heavy traffic, start/stop, then I'd tend to agree.
    If it's rarely driven car that never really is stressed that much, drilled/slotted is a good visual impact choice.
    Doesn't really matter tho, You'll get opinions from both sides & all over the map. Do what you want to do. Some people will post notes claiming they don't help, some will show photos of all the high-performance factory rides that now come with them already installed. Heck, even Pontiac has them as factory equipment on the GXP vehicles now.
    I've purchased a set of drilled/slotted from both RotorWorks & RotorPros, both from their eBay sales. Both sets have been very satisfactory in use. One set on my daily driver that probably has 40k+ miles on them in the last year, & the other set on my Firehawk which barely sees use anymore.

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    powerslot slotted and dimpled, no loss of structural integrity like crossdrilled with the benefits of a crossdrilled and slotted rotor

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