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Replacing Window Motors

This is a discussion on Replacing Window Motors within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys tomorrow me and my dad are getting up bright and early to fix my windows and hopefully my ...

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    Question Replacing Window Motors

    Hey guys tomorrow me and my dad are getting up bright and early to fix my windows and hopefully my headlight (which he broke). Anyways I got the directions from a site how to do it step by step but I still cant figure out if I need to leave the window up or down....???? Maybe im just stupid and cant read it or im not the only one thats like what in the world. Plus any tips to make it easier would help alot..... Thanks Guys..My car is a 2000 WS6 M6

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    Window stays up, and you need something (block of wood e.g.) toward the rear of the door to block the window and prevent it from falling down.

    Window would get in the way big time if it was down.

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    Yeah, I recently took the door panel off of my car yesterday. It wasn't easy at first and I had to look at the instructions again. Make sure you follow the directions to the step and be very careful with the panel when taking it off. The previous owners tore off one of the clips so it doesn't stay in the middle. Be careful!

    Also, remove that speaker and hope to god that the previous owners had already drilled a hole where those rivets are.

    DO NOT TOUCH THE EXPOSED Sheet Molded Compound (SMC)! That crap is very bad! I touched a part of it with my finger and it's still hurting today. "Consider protection (as you would for handling fiberglass) for your skin, eyes and lungs during drilling and handling. There can also be some sharp edges inside the door, so be careful." Seriously, do what he says, ha-ha.

    Good Luck!

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    Yeah window needs to be up - and supported before drilling the rivets/removing the secrews if drilled before. A C-clamp works great.

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